Final piece hung in Exhibition.

When printing out my final piece for exhibition I had some thoughts regarding composition and the arrangement of my illustrations. I wanted it to stand out and look as best as possible so I had two options that I could carry out. The first options to slice the 3 sections apart and single them out from one another, but not too much that they are lost from the illustration as a whole, this way the piece would be slightly space out and would appear slightly bigger, filling bit more wall space. The second option was to just keep it as a whole which made it appear more smaller, however this is the option I decided to go for as the piece is initially one illustration and each of the sections accompany each other within making it one piece. There was another option I could go for and that was lining each section next to each other rather than below one another but this wasn’t really  great option as it would take up a large amount of wall space.



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