After finishing A-level I knew I wasn’t ready to go straight to university so by doing a foundation course I was given the opportunity to find my feet and explore my creative skills. From this course I was able to find my strength in Illustration, which has a broad occurrence throughout my time at Blackburn.

A theme of ‘Café Cultures’ has run throughout my final project, which has lead me up to my final piece, consisting of a visual reality of individuals in a variety of atmospheres. When creating my final outcome for exhibition I had to consider what was actually relevant to my theme and how I would represent the varied cultures in cafes, this developed my skills as a working practitioner as I felt as if my work was fully my own and I was extending my skills in developing my thought processes. I first decided that initially I would base my final outcome on my research of individuals in cafes, which involved observational sketches, photographs and written conversations, illustrating the true meaning of scene. When it came to composition I initially wanted to create a book, A5 size, with a range of different pages comparing my research, however, I decided that this wasn’t what I wanted to show in exhibition, and that I wanted something more simple and on a bigger scale so that you can see it without having to look into it like book, and so therefor I then had the idea of creating a ‘comic strip’ like illustration A0 size, which consists of different sections with each one representing a different café within a different location. One section may seem busier and fuller than other sections due to its representation of a lively atmosphere where another part will have limited detail and the simplicity of it signifies a quiet and subtle atmosphere within the café, which subsequently provides the audience with a insight to café cultures.

I was highly influenced with the Comic strip composition idea by an artist named Rupert Smissen, a particular illustration of his involved a similar composition of three strips. The illustrations he had used were observational sketches, which share great similarities with my designs involving the observation of individuals. My initial idea was to create one long illustration, however after looking at Smissen’s work I decided that the piece would look more full and visually appealing. With the designs all blocked together I feel like the piece becomes a narrative and allows the reader to have a better understanding of my work, so this is what I began to work on, trying out different combinations of strips that I had created and fitting them all together. At times this process became difficult as I wanted my final outcome to involve three completely different pieces, however due to creating a number of


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