Alternative ideas for presentation of final piece

Before printing out my final outcome for exhibition I considered alternate ideas of presenting my work. this gave me the opportunity to see which which compositions will make my work stand out the most. Below is some rough sketches of ideas on how I intended to experiment presenting my work.


After coming up with a number of compositions I decided to create them digitally on Photoshop with the designs I intended to use. This technique was very useful as I was able to quickly scan through the designs and pick which one I liked, or get opinion from other students.

comp 1

This design above would be printed out A0 however the piece itself would be slightly smaller due to the narrow overall shape of the design. The spacing between the designs would be approximately 2cm which is enough to clearly separate them giving it a broad boarder. I this this layout is effective as you can recognise that the three strips are completely separate but all compliment each other in making it one piece as a whole.

comp 2

The design above is again going to be A0 in size. The strips will be a slightly smaller size in comparison to the previous ones due to the larger number of strips. The width between the designs will be slightly smaller, again due to the overall piece being busier and fuller than the previous one. The only problem that might occur in this composition is that it may not appear as eye catching due to it holding so much detail, I think the limited amount of strips might be more successful as you dot have as much to look at all at once.comp 3

The piece above will be printed out in three different sections all sized A1, I chose A1 rather than A0 this time due to  the amount of wall space that it would take up which again could be a problem, A0 would be far too big and it wouldn’t allow much space for other students. however, I do really like this composition as it coveys more of a story or a narrative to the work and allows the observer o follow the work more closely.comp 4

This design above is another piece sized A0, it will appear slightly smaller than the others due to there being no width or boarder between each design. It will also fit nicely in the exhibition because of its size. I do admire the piece without a boarder because it feels as if the piece is just one as a whole, where as sometimes when adding a frame of boarder between each design it can perhaps single out one form another.

comp 5

The final presentation idea above is sized A0 with a width of 10cm between each strip. This piece would be a lot bigger and taller in size in comparison to all the other designs. I like this arrangement because although the whole piece is one as itself, it also has three different sections that tell their own stories. The only aspect of this composition I can see being problem is that although the designs are effective far apart from each other, they could also seem bit lost and separated which is what I don’t want to suggest, I want all of the designs to compliment and work together.


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