Self Assessment

Context: Distinction – I believe that I have shown a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of subject context used to communicate complex concepts, articulate ambitions and clarify purpose in my project proposal.

Research: Merit – I would currently grade myself a Merit in this section as I feel as if I need to continue to research methods and concepts to develop my ideas. I am currently in the progress of doing this therefor I am not concerned about this section.

Problem solving: Merit –  I think I am currently working towards a merit for this section as I have shown effective problem solving and I have adapted to a range of unplanned challenges. In order to make this section a Distinction I intend to solve my practical and theoretical problems in an advanced style, rather than opting for the easiest way possible.

Planning and Production: Pass – I believe that currently this section would only be a pass as I have showed evidence of planning and evaluation against aims which has contributed to a completion of a task, however in order to make this a distinction I will need to work more closely to a work plan and show evidence of this. To help plan I will need to set myself targets more frequently so I can then work towards them. 

Practical skills: Merit – I think that I am currently working towards a Merit grade for this section as I have provided within my project consistent and appropriate processes, skills and knowledge, however to stretch this grade into a Distinction I will need to include a wider range of methods and concepts which I am currently in the process of doing e.g preparing to dry point print, creating some double exposure images on Photoshop, Printing images off and working hands on with them (painting/drawing).

Evaluation and refection:


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Proposal: Final Draft

My previous project “inspired by”, was based on a starting point of memory, the visual response I developed signifies the distortion of memory, both over time and the nature of personal memory and was inspired by the online and physical collection held by the Victoria and Albert museum, I successfully incorporated some personal aspects of my life, including events from childhood and my relationship with other family members. I explored different ways to investigate this theme, and experimented with a range of media and techniques in order to propose aesthetic outcomes. I revisited the earliest part of the course and extended the skills I developed across the workshops and experimented with printing, drawing and created mixed media collages. To further develop and reinforce the theme I also used fragments and pixels in my drawings and incorporated digital pieces which are intended to further develop the original theme into representing memory loss over a period of time. I believe that my printing skills have developed significantly and have massively improved from this project, therefore I wish to continue and stretch these skills further for unit 7.

My main focus of my Unit 7 final major project is to base it on the course in which I have applied for – Illustration. My aim is to record the cafe culture in different environments, basing my primary research in the trendy Northern quarter in Manchester and then in comparison, areas facing austerity such as Blackburn and Bolton and explore the difference through illustration. I will aim is to visit as many  cafes as possible and record my findings primarily through sketching and photography and intend to explore a variety of techniques whether that is extending my skills with printing and drawing, or visiting completely new techniques. Some initial ideas for approaching this project include observational drawings of people in the cafe (whilst in the cafe), time lapse video’s, photographs of the same area at different times so I am then able to transfer the images on acetate and overlap them to provide another time lapse style piece of work, I wish to create different compositions of the atmosphere with all the variety of different techniques whilst including typography with the conversations which I will have gathered from the different locations. I wish to explore different forms of bookmaking in this project where I can present my illustrative findings.

I will work closely to a work plan whilst keeping a journal of what I intend to do for the day/week, this will help me keep up to date and encourage me to keep producing work every day, it will also help me to keep organised and on track. Whilst having tutors and students constantly around me, this will help provide regular group crits where I can get feedback on the work I am creating. I will be making a constant reflection of work on my blog which will help me realise my problems and how I have responded to the them. I will produce a final evaluation on completion of the project where I will be evaluating the outcome against my original intentions.

My initial research will be collected from the cafes itself where I can record conversations and sketch the general atmosphere to then work with further digitally. I have already began to look at a range of artist through websites such as Pinterest.

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Planning for Research

FMP initial idea – Cafe culture: to create a guide/book of illustrations, sketches, typography, photography and other techniques which provides an insight into the reality of people in their everyday lives through the culture of cafes. I will be visiting numerous cafes in locations such as bolton, blackburn and Manchester to get a range of research.

After speaking to Jo about my intentions of FMP I decided that this week I would go and gather my research in coffee shops, in Bolton in particular to start off with. Whilst in the Coffee shops I intend to record every day life – through sketching and jotting down conversations, which will reveal the reality of people through the culture of Cafes.

I wish to sketch/draw from observation to gather information as to which type of people spend their time in the cafes of bolton, to then compare it to other locations at a different time. By doing this I am able to make a comparison of the reality of people in the real world in their everyday life in a range of locations, it will give me the chance to respond to stories as they unfold in front of me.

I intend to make a visit to bolton town centre before the weekend so I can make a start on my research. I’m choosing to start with Bolton as people have a varied opinion on Bolton, and I want to find out exactly what type of individuals I could encounter.


Today I gave my pitch to Jo where I presented my proposal for FMP. I explained my initial idea whilst supporting it with images from my Pinterest page.

I went on to speak about how I intend to create a Book/Guide based on the reality of people shown though illustration. The way I am going to convey this idea is through the cultures of cafes in which the book/guide will be called ‘Cafe cultures’. I will record and sketch the general atmosphere in a range of cafes in completely different locations to gain my research. Through this I am able to make a comparison between the type of people on a basis of what cafe they visit. Throughout the project I intend to stretch my printing skills further from unit 5 as I thoroughly enjoyed this practice, I also wish to extend my painting and mixed media collaging skills which I will include and practice in my experimental work.