Continue working with strip format.

Over the past couple of days I have been working on more illustration strips in preperation for my final piece for exhibition. Here are them below:

digital illustration 4 copy

This illustration is the first one I created and I am quite happy with the outcome. The atmosphere I was trying to convey in this illustration was that it was qiuet and peacful but busy enough for me to gather a good lot of research, the colour scheme I have picked out for this illustration is limited

digital illustration 6 psd

I have put together this illustration basing it on a busy and bubbly atmosphere. The establishment I had visited to gather this research from, was Starbucks in Bolton, it included lots of individuals chatting quite loudly which is shown through the bright bursts of colours and typography. The overlapping of some of the illustrations convey the movemnt of the individuals, meaning that people where constantly walking in and out, but staying long enough to have drinks and food. I involved myself in this illustration quite clearly because of my very pleasant experience at this cafe where I had a long chat with the person who was serving me, he was extreamly bubbly and polite.

digital illustration 6-Recovered

The colour scheme in the illustration above is dull and kept to an extreamly limited colour palette due to the almost emptiness of the cafe. I had visited this cafe at around 2pm on a monday in bolton, when most likely students would be in college/university and people would be still in work. The pure emptiness to the right of the illustration provides the reader an insight into how the cafe looked like at this specific time. The overlapping again of the illustration demonstrates the movement of the people, they are slightly more overlapped than the previous illustration due to the quickness of their depature. I noticed that people were wuite arrogant and rude as to why I have provided illustrations who arent making eyecontact and just keeping themsleves to themsleves.

digital illustration 8

This illustration above is possibly my favourite and I am quite certain I will involve it in my final outcome for exhibition, mainly because of how visualy appealing it looks. I used another simple colour palette to portray the quietness of my visit, yet the cafe was fairly busy which explains the use of multiple illustrations of people. This cafe visit was at Rhode Island in Blackburn and in their cafe they have a wall holding dozens of mugs, which is why I had included illustrations of tea cups and mugs in the background of this illustration. I also think the mugs help represent the theme of cafe cultures.

digital illustration 9 copy

This illustration is another bright and bubbly piece with lots going on. I added typogrpahy to this piece to alert the viewer of the conversations and communication with the staff. I think the business of the illustration can be abit overpowering so this piece I will most likely not include in my final outcome.

digital illustration copy 10

The main aspect of this illustration that I find most appealing is the use of line work and layers of illustrations, I think it really helps provde a time lapse style of work and show movement within the cafe.

digital illustration 5 copy

This illustration realistially speaks for itself, the ‘unsocial’ typography in the background assists the illustrations of individuals being unsocial. Again with another dull colour plaette due to the lack of communication going on in the cafe.


Illustration strips, idea for final outcome.

When creating my strips of illustrations I kept in mind artist Wesley Burt, who had produced a similar format of work: landscape strips of illustrations. I admired the way it formed a narrative and allowed the audinece to follow some sort of story so I began to work in that way and produce a number of designs on Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.21.08 AM.png

My designs consist of all the practical work I had created and the particular establishment that i was studying I would portray it in the form of illustrations e.g a busy full illustration with bursts of coulour would comvey the atmoshpere was lively and enjoyable as shown in the third illustration down, and then in comparrison a simple illustration with a limited colour palette would suggest that the atmosphere would be quiet or unsociable wth not much going on as shown in the last illustration. I also tried to show the reader a little bit about the personalities of the people by adding typography but in some cases it was quite difficult to gather the infomation I needed due to the loudness of the area.

digital illustration 8digital illustration 4 copydigital illustration 6 psddigital illustration 6-Recovered

At the moment I would like to do something similar for exhibition, I originally wanted to create a small book or guide, however I belive that something more simple and on a bigger scale would be more eye catching in comparrison to a small book.

Mono Printing

I decided to do some quick simple mono prints of cafe object such as tea cups. My initial plan was to invlolve them into my designs by scanning them in and working with them digitally. I think that the outcome was succsessful, not only was this a quick method to practice but the simplicity of the prints would not over power my digital designs when it came to adding them.

After doing some basic experimental prints I then decided to draw a rough sketch of a portrait within my photography, once I had drawn the simple outline I layered the print over the top which created a nice texture on top of the flat surface of the paper, similar to the tracing paper technique.